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Nick and the Shadow Monster Front Cover.

ISBN 978-1-7776435-2-2 ebook

ISBN 978-1-7776435-1-5 hardcover Ingram Sparks

ISBN 978-1-7776435-0-8 paperback Ingram sparks

ISBN-13 : 979-8721202797 Amazon Paperback

A creepy-crawly with an appetite. A boy scared to shut his eyes. A beautiful friendship found in the dark.


The shadow monster knows where danger lives. But despite his mother’s warnings, he just can’t resist the tempting smell of some delicious stinky socks. And his plan to snatch them from under the horrible little human’s bed almost works… until the terrifying creature starts wailing for its mommy.


Nick is sure something awful is hiding in his closet. But when his mom can’t find the beast he saw, the four-year-old doesn’t know what to do! Until someone under the mattress lets out a gigantic burp…


Can the unlikely pair face their frights and turn their scares into smiles?


Nick and the Shadow Monster is a delightfully playful children’s picture book. If you or your child like adorable characters, heartwarming humor, and learning to conquer fear, then you’ll love Jennifer Tremblay’s bump in the funny bone.


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Other Books by Jennifer Tremblay

The Germ Who Would Be King Front Cover.j

The Germ Who Would

be King ( ages 1-100)


ISBN 978-1-7774371-8-3 ebook

ISBN 978-1-7774371-7-6 hardcover Ingram Sparks 

ISBN 978-1-7774371-6-9 paperback Ingram Sparks 

ISBN 9798598753701 paperback Amazon

He got their planet to bow at his feet. But the strength of snot minions can only go so far…


Evil COVID wants to rule the universe. Tired of life barreling through space stuck in the nose of an intergalactic bat, the villainous monarch longs to issue orders to more than his boring band of boogers. So when their blind ride flaps them towards the perfect target, COVID tugs on beastly nose hairs and rides the sneeze all the way to Earth’s billions of unsuspecting humans.


Sending the globe spinning into a pandemic panic, COVID is thrilled with his spectacular invasion’s monstrous mayhem. But when the lowly humans don masks and fight back to wash him from their home, COVID is suddenly injected with a terrible fear that his cruel reign will soon be coming to an end.


With humanity in his clutches, can the vile virus keep his corona-crown?


Designed to be wickedly playful, this poetry book for kids is sure to leave adults snickering too. And amid the silliness lies useful lessons for young ones to stay safe and healthy, now and in the future. 


The Germ Who Would be King is a helpful and fun children’s picture book. If you or your child like friendly advice for keeping clean, characters you love to hate, and laugh-out-loud rhymes, then you’ll be in giggle-fits over Jennifer Tremblay’s hilarious retelling.


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Sprightly Book Cover KDP.jpg

The Sprightly Carrot's Dream (ages 5-8)


ISBN 978-1-7774371-2-1 ebook

ISBN 978-1-7774371-0-7 hardcover Ingram Sparks 

ISBN 978-1-7774371-1-4 paperback Ingram Sparks 

ISBN 9798585536779 paperback Amazon

A carrot with a dream. A flower patch with a bully. An astounding transformation.?


All Sprightly wants is the chance to thrive in the sunshine. Tired of being continually shushed by his fellow carrots, he’s thrilled to realize he’d like life more as a beautiful bloom. But when he shares his exciting vision, he gets yelled at by a daisy and becomes the laughingstock of the entire flower patch.


Ignoring the taunts and riding his doggy friend to the nearby school for supplies, Sprightly does his utmost to produce the perfect fake paper petals. But when the wind picks up and rips his new outfit off, the cackling insults start up all over again.


Can the ambitious vegetable dig deep to become his best self?


The Sprightly Carrot's Dream is a heartwarming children’s picture book. If you or your child like bright characters, clever problem-solving, and standing up for inner beauty, then you’ll love Jennifer Tremblay’s garden-variety tale.


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Freddie's Gift Digital Front Cover.jpg
Freddie's Gift (ages 4-8)


ISBN 978-1-7774371-5-2  ebook

ISBN 978-1-7774371-4-5  hardcover Instagram Sparks

ISBN 978-1-7774371-3-8  paperback Ingram Sparks

ISBN 9798552493440 paperback  Amazon

He’s the king of breaking wind. But when a wild animal appears, will this snow kid’s ice-cold hiney heat things up for fun?


Nobody does rump trumpets like Freddie. From science to music to art, the stinky eight-year-old flushes all his schoolmates out with his incredible room-emptying farts. And except for his nose-picking bestie, Freddie fears his tasty toots are wafting away all his potential friends.


Ashamed when his teachers and classmates band together to ban his butt-blasts, Freddie is shocked when holding on to his gas starts to make him swell like a balloon. But the blocked-up boy is ready to rip a big one when a hungry polar bear invades the school and makes a beeline for the poor boy’s massively bloated belly.


Can the flaky farter outroar the growler and turn his fumes into friendships?


Freddie's Gift is a gut-busting children’s picture book. If you or your child like relatable characters, hilarious gross-out humor, and stories best shared with a partner, then you’ll love Jennifer Tremblay’s flatulent tale.


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