• Jennifer Tremblay

My Why

I've always liked to doodle and cartoon. Aliens, chickens, farting chickens, pigs, farting pigs, snowmen, Santa, dragons, farting dragons (is there a theme here??)... you name it. As a little kid I was the one, head in the clouds, doodling on my desk and on assignments and on the wall and on my friends and and and... But it's always just been a hobby.

I grew up. I got a job as a geologist in the oil industry. Did you know geology uses the same part of the brain that art does? I ran, skied, biked, hiked, and climbed a lot. I kept trying to be a normal adult!

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the silly side kept (and keeps) slipping out. Off the wall cartoons would make their way onto my maps or onto posters at work, making my co - workers laugh.

One day, I met a great guy named Gord who liked to ski, climb, hike, and bike too! Somehow, we created 3 awesome kids together.

As time went on, even after the twins were born, I had an increasing feeling inside that I was meant to do MORE. Raising 3 kids will always be my most important job, and I really appreciate still working as a geologist for as long as the oil industry is afloat, but... have you ever had that feeling?

January 2020 I signed up for OYNB Mastermind. I wanted to figure out what this MORE was? The Mastermind course is a 6 week course that unravels who you are like an onion to find who do you want to become and then gives you the tools to do it. Through the exercises I re - discovered the cartooning kid with her head in the clouds . My MORE was becoming a children's book author.

My friends who've known me for a long time said, "DUH! YES you should become a children's book author!"

What better time to start writing kids books than when you live amongst two 4 year olds and a 10 year old in a treasure trove of inspiration?? Life is BUSY and hilarious (and frustrating and sometimes I end up with the parenting abilities of SHREK).

So what's my why? I want to write books that make my kids laugh and hold their attention. Books like the old Robert Munsch Paper Bag Princess. Books that are FUN to read to your kids.

Writing Freddie's Gift, The Sprightly Carrot's Dream, and The Germ Who Would be King, I've felt like I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do.

The girl with her head in the clouds who cartoons all over EV - ER - Y - THING is back!

Looking through an old work notebook - November 2018 - I must have been in a meeting...

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